Packaging Factory

About us

Maschera is a company that has several years of experience in the field of jewelry market. As a jewelry producer, we clearly understand what our potential customers expect finished products to look like.

Our packaging factory was established in the same year as our jewelry workshop. We provide our clients with professional services and products which production is independent of Chinese market. We do our best to make jewelry boxes that emphasize the beauty of your products.


The production process of our wooden jewelry boxes takes place in a professionally and well equipped factory located in Central Europe. Everyday, our team of specialists control and operate CNC machine as well as other advanced production machines with the utmost care and attention. This is all required in order to obtain identically perfect products anytime a day.

Our boxes

We would like to offer our customers high-gloss wooden jewelry boxes in two basic color versions: black and white. We will do our best to adjust our offer to clients’ specific needs like an additional logo imprint and inner lining or color change, etc.

What we offer

We guarantee that:
  • our products are made with great precision. We use only high-quality and good-looking, selected materials;
  • we have the advantageous prices to quality ratio that are competitive on Chinese market; 
  • we are able to produce about 10-20 thousands boxes per month.  In the nearest future our production capacity will increase (even up to 50 thousands / month); 
  • we accept both retail and wholesale orders;
  • we can provide storage rooms for our customers.
Contact us and ask about order details and customization.   Phone: +48 533 950 350, E-mail: